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138 sources pollute four rivers around Dhaka City

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 Capital's four rivers-Buriganga, Turag, Balu and Shitlakhya are being polluted by 138 sources from different points. Besides, the government and non-government organisations as well as people are also throwing untreated wastes directly into the rivers.

According to Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA), Buriganga is being polluted by 53 sources. The polluted sources between Postagola and Mill barrack numbers 13, from Mill barrack to Ultiganj two, from Ultiganj to Shyambazar three, from Badamtali to Mitford three , from Mitford to Swarighat seven, from Swarighat to Islambagh five, Kamrangir char areas 15, from Alam Tower to Kholamora three and untreated tannery wastes are being dumped directly from Hazaribagh and Shikder medical college points.

Turag is being polluted by 15 sources. These sources are-cattle market wastes from Gabtoli cattle market, sewerage wastes from Gabtoli to Shinnirtek by two points and from Shinnirtek to Ashulia by three points, Ananda Builders bag factory, Sajid washing and dyeing, Zerin Textile, Ulta dyeing and washing, Bengal textile and dying mill, between the Tasin CNG refill station and the eastern side of Tongi bridge.

Besides, the Turag is being polluted by 20 sources in Gazipur district, while the Shitlakhya is being polluted by 50 points from Syedpur and Godnail and Godnail to Murapara areas, BIWTA sources said.

The shipping ministry has formed a 10-member committee on May 8, headed by BIWTA chairman Dr Samsuddoha Khondaker to encroachers.

The head of the committee, who is also the chairman of BIWTA, Dr Samsuddoha Khondaker, told The Independent that the major sources for pollution of the rivers are-Dhaka City Corporations, sewerage wastes of the Dhaka WASA, untreated effluents of private organisations, tannery wastes and domestic wastes. He said, 70 per cent sewerage wastes of the Dhaka WASA are finding their way directly into the rivers untreated. “Encroachment and pollution are increasing in Basila, Shyampur, Shoalmachi and Kamrangirchar areas and we should arrive at a quick decision in this regard to stop such activities,” the BIWTA chief said.

The BIWTA chairman claimed that they have taken several initiatives to free the city and suburban rivers from encroachment and to clean them by removing the wastes from river beds.

“We should form human chains with the participation of people from all walks of lives to mobilise public awareness to stop such polluting sources,” he said. The BIWTA chief further said, 1137 illegal structures have been removed under the Dhaka, Gazipur and Narayanganj districts, in 36 moujas by the Dhaka port authority, while the Narayanganj port authority has removed 733 illegal structures in 26 moujas.

“We have recovered 73.82 acres of river bank under the Dhaka port authority and 22 acres under Narayanganj port authority,” Dr Khondaker added.

Source : http://news.priyo.com/national/2012/09/08/138-sources-pollute-59231.html

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