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River-grabbers in action, again: What are the authorities doing?

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Published: Friday, June 28, 2013



THURDAY’S report in this paper on building of roads in the New Dhaleswari river at Kalihati in Tangail by sand traders has once again brought to the fore the unlimited greed of river grabbers. It may be recalled that after a widespread campaign in the media and by environmentalists, the government, as directed by High Court in 2009, took some steps to evict illegal structures on the four Dhaka rivers — Buriganga, Turag, Balu and Shitalakkhya.

With the passage of time, the concern appears to have been put on the backburner. Otherwise, how could there be such goings-on in Tangail? Perthaps, the administration there was sleeping when a sand traders’ syndicate had been building roads on New Dhaleswari cutting off its flow at Kalihati as well as at the confluence of Jamuna and Dhaleswari?

As a result of cutting and dredging of the Dhaleswai river near Jamuna Bridge, not only the local biodiversity, environment and different river systems connected with it are being badly impacted, the Jamuna Bridge itself is also learnt to be under serious threat.

Evidently, it is with the connivance of some influential quarters helped by the administrative sloth that the sand traders have been emboldened to inflict such irreversible damage on the river. The administration must act, and decisively at that, before further damage is done to New Dhaleswari and its entire ecosystem to the detriment of the livelihood of the population dependent on the river.

The destroyers of New Dhaleswari river must be stopped and meted out exemplary justice.


Source: thedailystar



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