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Dhaka again tops in air pollution

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THE air quality in Dhaka city improved by 25 per cent after the withdrawal of the polluting two-stroke vehicles from its roads.

This was no small gain. But clearly the gain needs to be consolidated. It appears that air quality in the city is again declining due to the operation of other polluting vehicles. It was reported recently that Dhaka again became the worst air polluted city in the world. Mexico City an Mumbai used to be the two most air polluted cities followed by Dhaka. But Dhaka is back again on the number one position.

The polluting buses should now be taken off the roads. It appears that many buses, though unfit, are still plying on the city roads. Somehow the owners get certificates from the road transport authority allowing the unfit vehicles to ply. The city needs tougher law enforcement to these vehicles out of the roads.

Tougher enforcement alone would persuade owners to take the defective vehicles out of the roads. This would have a salutary effect in reducing the city's air pollution.

The existing rules should be enforced extensively, rigorously and regularly to bring down air pollution. It would give great and more relief to citizens. According to reports, 15,000 people die annually due to respiration-related illnesses caused by air pollution in the city.

Sohail Imran
Maghbazar, Dhaka.


Source: thefinancialexpress



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