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High Tide, Downpour :43 Bhola villages flooded again

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Published: Monday, July 15, 2013


Our Correspondent, Bhola



Tidal surges from the Meghna River affected by new moon causes flooding in 43 villages in Bhola district for hours during the high tide, much to the suffering of the people especially in the holy Ramadan. The photo was taken at Keyamulla village in Tazumuddin upazila. PHOTO: STAR


High tide coupled with a downpour inundated 43 villages in five upazilas of Bhola district yesterday, marooning around 1.5 lakh people.The affected people said water from the river Meghna entered the damaged portions of the flood control embankments in the upazilas. They blamed the authorities concerned for not taking steps to repair the dykes damaged a year ago.
Nine villages in Sadar upazila, 15 villages in Borhanuddin upazila, 13 villages in Tazumuddin upazila, four villages in Daulatkhan upazila and two villages in Monpura upazila are now under water.

The affected people have taken shelter on high lands, roads and highways and at cyclone shelters in their respective areas. They face acute crises of food and pure drinking water.

Tidal surge under the impact of full moon and new moon submerged the village twice in 45 days as five kilometres damaged dyke from Tulatoli of Dhania union to Miar Haat of Elisha union under Sadar upazila, three kilometres from Alimuddin village of Boromanika union under Borhanuddin upazila to Sayedpur union under Daulatkhan upazila, and half a kilometer in Dorichandpur area under Chadpur union of Tazumuddin upazila have remained without repair for a year Md Abdul Hannan, executive engineer of Water Development Board (Div-1), they could not start repair works in the dry season due to lack of funds.

Shahidul Islam Talukder, executive engineer of Water Development Board (Div-2), said they have completed the tender process for constructing a new dyke in Tazumuddin.



Sources: thedailystar


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