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Flash flood due to rain causes crop loss

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Published: Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jhalakathi, Pirojpur Districts

Star Country Desk


Flash flood triggered by tidal surge and incessant rain for the last few days has caused colossal damage to crops in Jhalakathi and Pirojpur districts.

Various types of crops, especially vegetables, on 6,772 hectares of land in four upazilas of Jhalakathi were damaged as floodwater submerged farmlands as well as homesteads.

With recession of the flood water, the picture of damage is becoming clearly visible, reports UNB.

The downpour also triggered water logging in different areas.

Tropical storm Mahasen that left a trail of devastation in the coastal region last month damaged a large number of papaya and banana plantations.

The flash flood has now added to the situation causing further damage to papaya, banana, chilli, brinjal, bitter gourd, snake gourd and sugarcane fields.

It also affected planted aus paddy seedlings and more than half of the paddy seedbeds in the district.

As a result, aus cultivation is feared to be delayed and its production is likely to face a shortfall.
If aus cultivation is not possible in time, aman production might also be delayed, agri officials said.

In Pirojpur, farmers of over 100 villages suffered serious crop damage due to flood caused by recent week-long downpour, reports our correspondent.

Aman and vegetable orchards on several thousand hectares in five upazilas went under water.
Sources said, most of the villages under Sapleza, Boro Machhua, Mirukhali, Betmore Razpara and Dhanisafa unions in Mathbaria upazila suffered flood.

Several flood-control embankments at Khetachhira, Charbholmara, Majherchar were damaged adding to the woes of the farmers.

In Bhandaria upazila, Nadmula, Hetalia, Darulhuda, Bholta, Junia, Horinpala and some other villages were flooded.

Fifteen villages under Parehat, Pattashi and Balipara unions of Zianagar, 27 villages in Kawkhali and a few villages in Nesarabad upzilas met similar fate.

Rafik, 27, a day labourer of Zianagar, said they could not work in the field due to flood water there and now leading a miserable life because of that.


Source : thedailystar

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