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500 roadside trees felled in a week in Lalmonirhat:Ruling party men doing it in five upazilas on the excuse of cutting down dead ones

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 S Dilip Roy, Lalmonirhat

Published: Thursday, May 16, 2013


A worker saws into pieces the trunk of a large tree that was illegally felled beside Mogholhat-Durgapur road at Durgapur village in Aditmari upazila under Lalmonirhat district a couple of days ago. PHOTO: STAR




A section of ruling Awami League (AL) men felled around 500 roadside trees at 20 villages in five upazilas under the district in last one week allegedly in collusion with a few district council officials.

An AL activist of Durgapur union in Aditmari upazila got a bid to fell 21 dead trees beside Bhelabari-Durgapur road but he and other party men of the union felled at least 75 live mahogany trees worth about Tk 25 lakh beside Bhelabari-Durgapur, Durgapur-Shotibari and Durgapur-Mogholhat roads in last one week, locals said.




Logs from illegally felled trees at Kamlabari village in the upazila being taken to a sawmill. PHOTO: STAR



Another AL man of Kamlabari union in the same upazila got a bid to fell dead roadside tees beside Roichbagh-Kamlabari road but he along with local AL men felled at least 60 green trees beside Roichbag-Kamlabari, Kamlabari-Bhelabari and Kamlabari-Baisar Chowpathi roads in last one week.

A few Jubo League activists of Saptibari and Sarpikur unions felled at least 25 green trees beside Saptibari-Bhelabari and Sarpukur-Kamlabari roads, showing false document of the district council.

Despite being informed of the incidents, the district council authorities refrained from taking any legal action due to unknown reasons, locals alleged.

Residents of Kamlabari and Durgapur villages in Aditmari upazila alleged that a photocopy machine operator and a jeep driver of Lalmonirhat district council are involved with the roadside tree felling, misguiding local people keeping them presence on the spot during roadside trees felling.

The people of Barobari and Khedabagh villages formed a tree felling prevention committee to protect the roadside trees from unscrupulous people.

A few days ago, a group of ruling party men tried to fell around 200 green trees beside Lalmonirhat-Kurigram road at the two villages but failed due to serious protest from the villagers, locals said.

Contacted, Mohammad Shahjahan, chief executive officer of Lalmonirhat district council, said he will take necessary action against the roadside tree fellers as well as the accused district council staff, if they are found guilty after investigation.


Source: thedailystar




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