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Tornado death toll now 23: Rehabilitation efforts continue

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Staff Correspondent

Monday, March 25, 2013




The concrete roof of a two-storey building was ripped up and dropped onto a tin-shed house by the devastating tornado at Chinair village in Brahmanbaria on Friday. Three residents of the building were killed on the spot. Photo: Enamul Haq



The death toll from Friday’s tornado in Brahmanbaria rose to 23 after a teenage boy succumbed to his injuries yesterday afternoon. Shubho, 14, from College Para in Chinair village, died at Comilla Medical College Hospital.

The twister left an eight-km trail of destruction in its path. The authorities are working to rehabilitate the victims and so far put up 100 tents to accommodate 100 families, relocated 32 families to four primary schools, 10 families to a high school and 10 other families to a kindergarten school. The rest were seen roaming about in dire misery.

Another 400 tents would be set up by Monday, said Nur Mohammad Majumder, deputy commissioner of Brahmanbaria. District administration provided each family with 20 to 30 kilograms of rice. Voluntary bodies and individuals are providing the victims near the main roads and the town with cooked and dried foods, but the ones in remote areas remain dependent on only the rice given to them by the administration.

Six medical teams along with a 58-member team from the Army Medical Corps are providing treatment to the victims. The government, meanwhile, has promised to provide each family with four bundles of corrugated iron sheets and Tk 9,000 so that they can rebuild their houses. Almost all have voiced their frustrations and anxieties, as they have received neither the funds nor the materials to construct roofs over their heads.

Many thronged ChinairAnjuman-ara-High School yesterday afternoon, demanding what was promised to them. “We are not sure whether we will get the relief and if it will be distributed properly at all,” said Aleya Begum, 55, from Noyghar of Chinair village. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is scheduled to visit the tornado affected areas today. She will address a rally in Chinair village during her visit, said the DC.

Meanwhile, hundreds of curious people from different areas around Chinair flocked to the village to witness the destructive power of the tornado, which had torn off the roof of a building and had flung it 200 yards away.




Source: thedailystar






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