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Diseases Due to Cold : Fishes in over 100 ponds die in Bhola

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Sunday, February 3, 2013



A Correspondent, Bhola



A huge quantity of fishes died of 'viral attack' and cold injuries in over 100 ponds at Charsamaiya in Sadarupazila in the district during the last couple of weeks.


“Ninety percent of people in our village were engaged in fish farming in the last couple of years. But this year, massive death of fishes turned a large member of them paupers”, said Mafizul Islam, 45, a fish farmer.


"A kind of scar and dot appeared in the affected fishes and they eventually died. Our every attempt to save them proved futile”, the said.


Calling for immediate remedial measures to address the problem, local UP member Md. Rahim Hawlader said the virus had become a big threat to the long tradition of fish culture in the union.


Fishes worth Tk 10 crore died due to the disease in the upazila, according to the affected fish farmers.


District Fisheries Officer PolashHalder told this correspondent that the parasitic disease was yet to be identified.


He also blamed sudden extreme cold for the disease.




Source: thedailystar






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