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Jute plants become dwarf for unfavourable weather: Farmers worried in Narail

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ponuel S Bose, Narail



Jute plants at a field of Tularampur village in Narail Sadar upazila remain undersized as the recent heavy downpour hindered growth of the cash crop in the area. PHOTO: STAR



Jute production in the district is likely to suffer a setback due to unfavourable weather this season. “The jute farmers did not get sufficient rain when it was needed early this season while the recent heavy downpour hindered the growth of the cash crop. Usually jute plant grows eight to nine feet high but now it is only three to four feet and much thinner than usual,” said Ashok Kumar Halder, district training officer of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) in Narail.

The farmers are now worried about recovery of their production cost, let alone profit. In the beginning of the season the jute plants grew well, making the farmers optimistic about its good yield but the heavy downpour frustrated their hope. “Nature seems to be against us. We had to count losses by cultivating jute during the last few years. Earlier this season, we eyed good yield but nature has again turned adverse,” said farmer Asis Das of Mulia village under Narail Sadar upazila.
Somir Biswas, a farmer of Bahirdanga village under the same upazila, said they see no hope of recouping the losses of the previous years as heavy rain affected the growth of jute plants.

Besides, there is shortage of labourers and their high wage adds to the growers cost, he said. The farmers of the district cultivated jute on 22,610 hectares of land against the target of 22,266 hectares in this current season while the production target set by the DAE is 2 lakh 42 thousand and 525 bells (1 bell = 5 maunds), DAE sources said. The farmers of the district have demanded that the government arrange crop insurance to help the farmers survive through adverse situations.



Source: thedailystar




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