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Poachers hunt birds with poison traps in chars, forest areas

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sohrab Hossain, Patuakhali



A section of poachers have continued using poison traps to catch indigenous as well as migratory birds in remote coastal islands, including the reserve forest areas in the district.

Rangabali, Galachipa, Kuakata, Moudubi, Char Halim, Char Biswas, Char Hare, Kawar Char, Gongamoti and Fatrarban are some of the areas where the hunters are most active.

On Saturday morning, local people found at least 20 birds that were killed by setting up poison trap at Char Lata.



This photo, taken a few days ago from Rangabali area of Patuakhali district, bears testimony to continuous poaching of indigenous as well as migratory birds in chars and reserve forests of the coastal district. Photo: Star



Earlier on January 2, locals caught Bahauddin, 35, of Kuakata area, for his alleged involvement in killing over 200 birds by setting up poison traps in the reserve forest of Gangamoti.

“A group of people often hunt birds in these areas by setting up poison traps. They mix poison with fishes and scatter those in the reserve forest areas and near the sea shore,” said MdMasud Mia, a farmer of Char Lata under Rangabaliupazila.

“Eating these poisoned fish, birds become sick and lose the ability to fly within a few minutes. Then the poachers come out from their hiding places, slaughter the birds and put into bags for sale to local people and restaurants. Some of the birds that take only a little fish remain relatively well and hunters sell them alive in different areas across the country,” he said.

On an average over 500 birds are daily killed by hunters as a section of people are engaged in the callous act in these areas, said Abdul Bareq of Pakkhia village under Galachipaupazila.

Besides different kinds of indigenous birds, migratory birds that abound in the area during the winter, fall prey to the poachers, he added.

When contacted, Akhtaruzzaman, beat officer of Char Montaz forest office, said, “We have heard that a section of people hunt birds by setting up poison traps and we are trying to identify them to take lawful action.”

MdMokbulHossain, range office of Rangabali forest office, said, “I don’t know the matter. If anything like this happens, I will take action after investigation.”

Masuduzzaman, OC of Rangabali police station said, “It is a punishable offence to hunt birds. We will take step in this regard after discussion with forest officials.




Source: thedailystar






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